"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

Varsha’s saree kuchus make your saree look even better with Saree kuchu or saree tassels. A traditional way of adorning sarees, these used to be present only in silk sarees, but now are being used for all sarees. We also have here 100+ awesome tassels for your inspiration. Who knows! The saree kuchu you have been searching for might be one in our list.

Saree Kuchu also referred as Saree Tassels is a traditional form of handcrafting beautiful frills & embellishments to the silk saree pallu.

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What is Saree Kuchu Or Saree Tassels:

The name saree kuchu must have sparked the curiosity amongst you about what kind of a saree embellishment is it? But you would be surprised to know that saree kuchu and saree tassels are just the same thing and only the names are different. Saree Tassels are around for quite a while now but it is only in the recent time that this design has started to gain more attention than ever.

Saree kuchus are basically beautiful tassels like little embellishment made up of a fabric which is used to elaborate the look of a saree. They are mainly used on the hemline of a saree pallu but you can find the more unique placement of them on a saree. These little additions to a saree can actually make it look 10 times prettier than ever.

How to place order on our website:

  1. When you like a Kuchu Design please fill the contact form. Our team will reply back to you with the price, if you are comfortable enough with the price, we take an order.

  2. You can even chat with us in Whatsapp to get a quotation for the design which you prefer.

  3. You can make half payment as an advance via payment link which is been provided in the website. Rest after the work gets completed.

  4. You may also make arrangements to handover us the sarees through your relatives/friends/courier/dunzo etc and get your sarees tasselled.

  5. Alternatively, you may choose the kuchu design and place an order for the ‘easy to stitch’ saree kuchu lace that can be couriered to your location.

Note: As off now we provide services only in Bangalore, Karnataka

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