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 If you know Saree tassels or any other designs you can be an affiliate. You just need to submit the form mentioned below and our team will reach your out on the given information further.



We provide you with great opportunity of learning tassels and earning money on the work.

VarshaTassels weekend kuchu making workshop is mainly suited for the women busy during the weekdays. 
The course structure, levels and the fees remains the same for Regular as well as the Weekend workshop, the difference will be the timings and the overall duration i.e.
//Regular Workshop: 7 days - Monday to Sunday (1pm to 5pm) = 28 hours//
Weekend Workshop: 4 days - Two consecutive Sunday and Mondays (10am to 5pm) = 28 hours
While more than 95% of the women attending the regular workshop tend to complete all the three levels in one go, Women attending the weekend workshop will need two weekend workshops to complete all the three levels.


Our Workshops

Level 1
Beginner Kuchu Workshop
Fees - ₹ 500

You will be learning the basics of Crochet i.e. the process of interlocking loops of silk threads using a crochet hook. 

We understand that each individual learning abilities vary and hence the training progresses only after completion of the respective level by that individual.

Level 2
Intermediate Kuchu Workshop
Fees - ₹ 1500

After practicing the basic of Crochet in level 1, you will be learning eight moderate designs of saree kuchu making in this level.

You are encouraged to practice at your own speed, the course progresses as you get well verse in crochet saree kuchu making.

Level 3
Advanced Kuchu Workshop
Fees - ₹ 2500

Now that you have mastered the craft of crochet kuchu making, you will be learning eight GRAND designs of crochet saree kuchus in this level.

These eight designs are from Varsha's signature tassel kuchu collection with a combination of crochet and glitter beads.

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